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Location  Ohsweken ON

Client  Six Nations of the Grand River

Type: New Construction

Completion  1996

Size  13000 sf

Situated at Highway 54 and Pauline Johnson Road is the Six Nations Tourism Centre which was constructed to attract a growing tourism industry in the southwest Ontario region. The building has been placed on this site to maximize exposure to the adjacent highway and views to the landscape. Berms surround much of the perimeter of the building evoking the close relationship Native people share with Mother Earth. The wall finishes are deep reds and greens to carry this theme through to the interior public areas of the Centre.

The octagon’s structural members and the bench at the base are shaped to represent the Great Tree of Peace – an important cultural allegory of the Iroquois Confederacy. Six (6) skylights along the spine of the “time tunnel” or permanent display represent the longhouse and the Six Nations.


The layout of the main entrance, permanent display, octagon lobby and commercial space allows for various touring groups to use the facility simultaneously.

Tourism 1.JPG
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