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Established in 1992 by principal Architect Brian Porter (OnΛyota'a:ka), the name Two Row Architect was chosen to reflect the unique nature of the firm. We are a 100% native-owned business operated from the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation and Tkaronto. Since its inception in 1992, the firm has focused on providing services to projects for Indigenous clients as well as those that incorporate Indigenous cultural ideologies and teachings which are manifested in architectural form.

Our focus is on guiding the realignment of mainstream ways of thinking on their journey towards Indigenous ways of knowing, being, design and architecture.  Our ultimate goal is to promote architecture that has a positive impact on nature, humanity, and our current sense of civilization.


In keeping with our tradition and to reflect community values, the search for a name was brought to the renowned Cayuga Faith keeper and linguist, Reg Henry. After several conversations with Reg, focus was given to architectural terms as interpreted by native language and the meaning these carried from their traditional roots. The final choice of Two Row was drawn from a weave of beads known as the 'Two Row Wampum'.

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