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Wasauksing First Nation


Wasauksing First Nation


New Construction


In Construction


8000 sf

Located within the Wasauksing First Nation, the Wasauksing Safe Home and Women's Shelter emerges as a vital sanctuary, embodying safety and support for Indigenous women and their families. Scheduled for completion in 2024, this transformative facility reflects the community's unwavering dedication to providing refuge and resources for those in need.


Encompassing 8,000 square feet, the shelter's design harmonizes cultural reverence with contemporary functionality. Located on the Wasauksing First Nation territory, traditional architectural elements converge with modern amenities to ensure both comfort and security.


Safety and security are paramount considerations in the shelter's design. Decorative metal screens adorn windows, shielding occupants from potential projectiles. Strategically placed boulders fortify the perimeter, eliminating the risk of vehicular intrusion. Moreover, a surveillance system, devoid of blind spots, ensures constant vigilance over the property.


Upon its unveiling, the Wasauksing Safe Home and Women's Shelter will extend a comprehensive suite of services, tailored to address the multifaceted needs of its clientele. From temporary housing to counseling and advocacy, the facility endeavors to empower women and their families amidst adversity. Trained counselors and support workers will help, ensuring that every individual receives compassionate care around the clock.


Beyond its primary function as a shelter, the facility will emerge as a nexus for safety and education for those in need. Through workshops, cultural initiatives, and collaborative endeavors, the shelter aspires to foster healing, resilience, and empowerment among Indigenous women and their families. In championing this cause, the Wasauksing Safe Home and Women's Shelter epitomizes the First Nation's steadfast commitment to forging a safer, more equitable future for all its users.


Services Provided:  Architectural Design and Construction Administration.

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