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Toronto ON


Toronto District School Board


New Construction


In Progress


66353 sf

Kapapamahchakwew -- the Wandering Spirit School, formerly known as the First Nations School of Toronto, is an institution dedicated to providing a curriculum rooted in Indigenous culture and teachings. Their unique mandate also includes involving community leaders and elders in the learning environment, and engaging in outreach and collaboration with the surrounding city. Their holistic view of education embraces physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth within its various programs.


Embodying Indigenous educational philosophies, this school is committed to preserve, celebrate, and teach Indigenous languages, values, traditions and knowledge within the urban environment of East Toronto. Going beyond the standard curriculum, this school serves a diverse student population and their families. The land and place-based design for the school is intended to fulfill the important mission of the school, support everyday operation, and celebrate culture in everything from the layout to the selection and sourcing of materials.


Landscape design is intended to create a regenerative environment that promotes cultural preservation, harmonious connections to the natural world, and enriching opportunities for learning, exercise and play. Sustainability is also a core principle of the new school, and the design will incorporate energy efficient and renewable energy systems, natural ventilation techniques, on-site wastewater treatment and greywater recycling, and rainwater harvesting.

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