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Ontario Native Women's Association


Feasibility Study


Completed in 2023


In 2023, TRA completed a feasibility study and conceptual design for the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA). Known as the Mother Earth Project, the vision for the project was to create an Indigenous Women’s Healing Centre, designed and developed by Indigenous women, for future generations of Indigenous women and their families. The Mother Earth Project will provide a safe space for Indigenous women to gather, heal and overcome the internalized racism and oppression that has prevented the reclamation of leadership roles in families, communities and nations.

The Indigenous Women’s Healing Centre incorporates both traditional healing and land-based practices to help Indigenous women heal where they are at, while maintaining strict considerations for safety and security. This is a key objective of the initiative to support Indigenous women as they lead the way to healing their families. This project is developed with the understanding that when Indigenous women are well, their families, communities and nations will be well.

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