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Toronto ON






April 2024


21689 sf


In Partnership with Lemay

Located on the 28th floor of TELUS Harbour at 25 York

Street, this project spans approximately 2,015 square meters

(21,689 square feet). TELUS's objective is to collaborate with

Indigenous communities, creating spaces within its buildings

that restore Indigenous presence and foster a sense of place

for Indigenous team members. The goal is to provide

culturally responsive experiences, while the vision is to

establish an immersive and educational environment. Our

team aimed to design impactful spaces that incorporate

placekeeping throughout the entire floor, fostering

meaningful connections between team members and

community partners.

The project consultant team included Lemay as Prime

Consultant for Interior Design, in collaboration with Two Row

Architect (TRA) as Architect of Design for all designated

Placekeeping areas. Mechanical engineering was overseen

by TMP (The Mitchell Partnership Inc.), and electrical

engineering by MBII (Mulvey & Banani International Inc.).

The project, managed by CBRE, followed a stipulated sum

contract type, tendered out to various contractors for

competitive bidding.

The design narrative pays homage to Indigenous values and

history, seamlessly integrating Indigenous ways of knowing

and being. Key interventions, such as the Longhouse/

Teaching Lodge, The Place of Wild Rice, and The Marsh,

provide spaces for learning, connection, and reflection.

Additionally, the project aimed to create a multifunctional

workspace for employees working in a post-COVID hybrid

work situation, catering to evolving needs and enhancing

productivity and well-being. This approach respects

Indigenous culture while fostering inclusivity and

environmental stewardship, bridging the past with the

present in a contemporary setting.

An additional role of this project was to create a

multifunctional workspace for employees who are working in

a hybrid work situation in a post-COVID workspace, catering

to their evolving needs and enhancing productivity and well-


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