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Allegany NY


Seneca Nation of Indians


New Construction


Completed 2011


90,000 sf


In Partnership with Kideney Architects

This project was envisioned as giving the Seneca Nation the opportunity to gather all its various service divisions under one roof, while adding other shared amenities that have now made it a crucial hub for the community. The facility was designed with Seneca Nation participation, using workshops that included all personnel as well as other community members.

With a proud heritage and history, the goal was to reinterpret Seneca culture in a modern, authentic and respectful manner. A wide variety of factors were considered in the design, such as the interaction between different departments, utilizing and protecting the interior from seasonal changes, and establishing a democratic, non-hierarchal experience for the community.

The completed building includes a Council Chamber incorporating the 13 phases of the moon, a landscaped terrace and green roof, an outdoor gathering circle paying homage to veterans, a scenic, multi-purpose grand hall on a north-south axis, an inspired north office space set amongst mature trees, maximum incorporation of warm and natural materials, and a main entrance stylized window depiction of the Evergrowing Tree Wampum.

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