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Quayside, Toronto ON


Waterfront Toronto, Quayside Impact Limited Partnership


Large-scale Residential Mixed Use





In Partnership with Adjaye Associates, Alison Brooks Architects, Henning Larsen, SLA and Architects Alliance

Situated on a 12-acre site in downtown Toronto, this project provides an incredible opportunity to build a sustainable, vibrant and mixed-use community on the waterfront and at the centre of the St Lawrence, West Don Lands, Distillery District, Bayside and future Villiers Island neighbourhoods. The project will be developed by the Quayside Impact Partnership and is in the preliminary design stage, led by Alison Brooks Architects, Adjaye Associates and Henning Larsen, with Two Row Architect selected as the Indigenous Architect.

Combining community engagement and Indigenous values like Respect for Place and Relations, the mixed-income community will be part of the Treaty 13 territory that always has been and still is home to many diverse Indigenous nations.

Intended to be the largest all-electric and zero-carbon community built in Canada, the visually striking development will open the waterfront up to more Torontonians than ever before. As the future home of five towers, 7,500 people, 800 affordable housing units, 1,600 jobs, a 2.5 acre Community Forest, a rooftop urban farm, one of Canada’s largest residential mass timber buildings, a multi-use arts venue and many more public outdoor and retail spaces, the project is intended to positively impact the entire city.

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