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New Credit ON


Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation


New Construction


Completed 2009


6000 sf

With compassionate foresight, The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Housing Department envisioned a New 5 Plex Development utilizing innovative and state of the art building systems to reflect their intrinsic values of sustainability for Mother Earth. Some key elements and efficiencies of the design incorporate a Legalett air-heated “Slab on Grade” system and 6” SIPS wall framing system in addition to low VOC’s finishes including a diamond polished and sealed concrete floor treatment. These systems provide for quicker construction times, lower energy costs and the most comfortable environments possible. Through thoughtful management, the cost premiums were kept at a minimum, enabling an almost immediate recovery with many outstanding long term benefits for years to come. While caring for their community now and for generations to come, the First Nation employed a holistic approach through the Design and Construction Management services of Two Row Architect to maximize local participation and cultural identity throughout the project.

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