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Library Block Lebreton Flats


Dream Lebreton


Large-scale Residential Mixed Use





Dream, Perkins & Will, KPMB with Two Row Architect

In a new high-rise neighbourhood in the Lebreton Flats area, bordering the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill, this project will be one of Canada’s largest zero-carbon residential developments. The Library Parcel consists of two towers with 600 rental units, of which 41% will be affordable. Retail and new public gathering spaces are planned at the base of the towers. A wastewater heat recovery system will provide heating and cooling, and the high-performance envelope, daylight harvesting, and photovoltaics will contribute to LEED Gold and One Planet Accreditation. Affordability, communal spaces and sustainability are important aspects of the project that came out of community consultation sessions.


The project is led by Perkins+Will and KPMB, with Two Row Architect as the Indigenous Architect. Connectivity is central to the design, as the towers are physically connected to the LRT system, public greenspace and Ottawa’s new central library, and aesthetically linked to the Laurentian Hills and the rest of the city. Intended to be a vibrant and liveable community built for a post-pandemic world, a sustainable future, and in recognition of its place in the heart of the capital region and on unceded Algonquin territory, the project is expected to be completed in 2026.

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