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Hamilton ON


Mohawk College




Completed 2012


1600 sf

Mohawk College, Fennel Campus, was one of the first Ontario institutions to take steps to make specific space for their Indigenous population. Part of this work was moving Indigenous services from scattered, small spaces, into one consolidated area. The renovation of a former computer lab in one of the oldest blocks on campus was the result. The space, modern in finishes and colours, is intended as a backdrop for everyday Indigenous life. A white ribbon/ belt wraps its way through the space creating walls, floors and ceilings that start to define spaces that support unique activities.


The centre carved out a new double door entrance off of the main hall, making it welcoming to all. A reception desk starts the ribbon, it then moves to a stand up computer station and a quiet study space, onto the high bar for eating and feasts, and terminating in the kitchen. (Below) The space also support three closed offices and a private board room also accessible from the hall.


The main gathering space is set out with oversized and comfortable furniture that faces a fire place as well as double screens that can provide information on current events and student life.

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