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Brantford ON


Wilfred Laurier University


Large-scale Renovation


Completed 2013



In Partnership with Vicano Construction Limited

The former Expositor building has undergone a major transformation which has preserved the best of its architectural features and enhanced the building’s beauty with new modern technologies and materials.


Four new floor levels above the existing structure were added to create apartment style living for the students. The original 1895 corner building was preserved and enhanced, demonstrating how new and old construction can be joined together.


An underground parking garage was created in the basement of the original building with a new access off of Dalhousie Street. An internal courtyard from the second floor through to the roof were also a part of the massive makeover.


The interior was completely renovated and remodelled into modern apartment suites, student common rooms, dinning areas and student meeting rooms. The original marble used in the 1950’s addition was salvaged and re-purposed and now highlights the elevator doors on each floor level. Also preserved are the original brass light fixtures from the news room lobby, and neon Expositor sign which has been a landmark of the downtown core since its original installation in 1950.


The building was converted into a multi-residential and commercial use which is now home to 215 Wilfrid Laurier University students, and a Tim Horton’s. The building is currently the largest student residence under the University’s wing.

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