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Fabrication Studios, OCAD, Toronto ON


Ontario College of Art and Design




Completed 2020



In Partnership with Teeple Architects and Morphosis Architects

Completed in December 2019 the Fabrication Studios was part of the Ontario College of Art and Design’s (OCADU)Creative City Campus Renovation. This was one of the first phases of the Campus Renovation to be completed.

The goals of this phase were to, Improve OCAD U’s studio-based learning environments by expanding some studios and improving infrastructure within existing spaces. This was achieved by providing new equipment and technology, improving circulation, storage, work flow and transparency,  provide more opportunities for flexible student work space and social gathering and improve the energy efficiency of building systems (heating, air conditioning and ventilation; lighting, controls, network, etc.)

The result was significantly improved lighting and studio infrastructure, a reorganized layout that creates a more direct and connected pathway through the studios and new, flexible student working and gathering spaces, a reorganized layout that adds additional spaces for critique and faculty meetings, as well as improved visibility into the studios.

Another key component to this project was that integration of OCADU core values such as sustainability, inclusivity and inclusion of Indigenous culture. An example where this can be seen is the graphics found on the wall that showcase Cree syllabics that say Art and Design.

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