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Location  Six Nations of the Grand River

Client  Grand River Employment and Training

Type Master Plan

Completion  In Progress

Kayanase is a large traditional plant and tree nursery located at Six Nations of the Grand River. In 2015, Two Row Architect prepared a master plan to illustrate how their cultural programs could be expanded to include a 17th century Haudenosaunee village, along with a longhouse and palisade to demonstrate the techniques of traditional construction. A palisade encircles the village complete with lookout platforms and a seating area to accommodate classroom sized tours.


The master plan also includes an Artisan and Cultural Market complete with workshop classrooms outfitted to support a variety of workshops including beadwork, basket making, moccasin making, wampum making, sewing traditional clothing, and more. A future permanent gallery space will house collections on public display and a temporary gallery space will house travelling collections, exhibits and special events. The market will include a concession area located on an exterior wall to facilitate both outdoor and indoor events. There will be a specialized room outfitted with pottery stations, a small kiln and outdoor kiosks to support a variety of vendors for special events.


Additionally, the master plan includes a circular Traditional Medicine Garden with a central covered pavilion. A raised mound area based upon a turtle shell is divided into 13 sections representing the phases of the moon and the Haudenosaunee creation story. A grove of sugar maple trees has been planned that will be utilized to harvest sap for maple syrup production. A small shack will be constructed for evaporation tanks over fires to facilitate maple syrup production. Lastly, a sports field has been located to facilitate demonstrations of lacrosse and other traditional games.

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