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Location  TMU Campus, Toronto ON

Client  Toronto Metropolitan University 

Type  Addition/Installation

Completion  Proposed

Team  In Partnership with Gow Hastings Architect

Ryerson University in collaboration with Two Row Architect and Gow Hastings Architects were charged with conceptualizing a new spatial resolution of the entrance to the Library that engages in a discourse of Indigenous Place making for all prospective visitors. As laid out in the RFP the University set out a series of design goals and performance indicators to help guide the concept.


The project focussed on executing these three main goals: Create a prominent, welcoming, and appropriate Library entrance; imbed and acknowledge Indigenous ways of knowing and land recognition; and provide universally accessible space.


The intended outcome was a conceptual recommendation that greatly improves the Ryerson communities connection to, and awareness of, the entrance to the library; while celebrating inclusivity, universal accessibility, and the importance of Indigenous knowledge; in essence, making the existing library building welcoming to everyone from the heart of the campus. This goal aimed to be achieved with the guidance of a broad and diverse consultation process with the Ryerson community over several months.

Ryerson Library Entrance 2.png
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