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Location  Capital Plateau, Ottawa ON

Client  LGBT Purge Fund, Government of Canada

Type Competition

Team In Partnership with MVRDV and Fathom Studio

In collaboration with Fathom Studio and MVRDV, Two Row Architect was a finalist in the design competition for Canada’s LGBTQ2+ National Monument. While focused on memorializing the generations of queer Canadians persecuted during the LGBT Purge period, it is also meant to be a site of education and celebration.


Guided by the principles of inclusion, indigeneity, visibility and timelessness, the team created “The Lens,” for Canada’s Department of Heritage. The Lens is a tilted circle with a triangle section, meant to evoke the pink triangle that was intended as a badge of discrimination and later turned into a symbol of pride. Surrounded by granite seating and native plants on a sheltered 6300 m2 site, the monument “ripples” out from the central focal point, just steps from Ottawa’s Parliament buildings and the beautiful Ottawa River.

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