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Location  Distillery District, Toronto ON

Client  Dream REIT and Kilmer Group

Type  Large scale residential

Completion  In Progress

Team  Stantec, BDP Quadrangle

As Part of Toronto City Council's approval of the Housing Now Initiative, the City has established a Housing Secretariat led by an Executive Director to facilitate the planning and development of the 11 sites comprising Phase 1 of the program, and all the subsequent phases which together are intended to produce 100,000 affordable rental units.

Two Row Architect's (TRA) role is to support the work of the prime consultant with the intent of supporting the larger team through our knowledge of Indigenous Architecture and Design Processes. Our work includes consultation with the larger community and municipality to garner direction and support for Indigenous knowledge being incorporated into the design of the site and building.

Block 10 - 7.jpg
Block 10 - 2.jpg
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