Kamisa Investments


Burlington, ON

$10 Mil CAD

Completed 2016

This project was taken on as a Design-Build project in conjunction with Lanca Contracting Ltd. on a fast-track time schedule. The project was to be occupied within one year of starting design work. This process was helped along by the City of Burlington making way for an interchange expansion. ​


The building has a main floor retail and service component with the upper floors being high end office spaces. ​


Unlike most buildings along the QEW corridor 1100 Walkers Line has directionality. It acknowledges its context through its materiality and change from transparent to opaque surfaces. ​


The East and South sides are predominantly glazed curtain wall and the West and North sides are a pre-manufactured penalized system that helps block out excessive solar radiation and noise from the train line and helps reduce heat loss in the winter.